Work art market – Von Taube Preis

The Werkkunstmarkt at Wasserschloß Klaffenbach is a sales exhibition for arts and crafts and design, where visitors are presented with selected and sophisticated products from all areas of work, from unique pieces to small series, and offered for sale. Outstanding products are honored with the “Von Taube Prize” in the arts and crafts category. The competition is aimed at craftspeople, artisans and designers as well as students from all fields of work. The decision on admission/non-admission is made by the expert jury appointed by the organizer. The organizer will notify you in writing. The application is made by means of an application form, statements on the artistic work and the submitted image material of 3 professional, expressive photographs of your work. The works shown should represent the products that are essentially presented at the sales exhibition. A discussion of the special topic is desirable but not obligatory. The exhibitor shall bear the costs of transportation to and from the event, accommodation, meals and insurance. The organizer is also not liable for damage or loss of an object during the exhibition. The security of the objects is guaranteed by the organizer after closing time. The stand fee is € 180.00 (plus VAT). The following services are included: Flat rate for the stand space, pro rata advertising costs, uniform stand lettering, basic electricity and lighting, seating, cleaning. After receipt of the invoice, the stand fee must be transferred to the organizer’s specified account by the due date.

Application deadline: 31.05.2024