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Prima Kunst-Container (laufend)

Exhibit in the Prima Kunst Container. We are looking for national and international artists with a concept for our container! Since 2002 the Prima Kunst Container has been a permanent exhibition venue in association with the Stadtgalerie Kiel and is located in the inner city. Especially young and not yet established artists shall be given an opportunity to present their positions to a broad diversity of visitors. Due to the exhibition venue’s extraordinary quality, the chosen artist should be able to deal with the special location in a complex and conceptual way. The exhibition length depends on the openings of the city gallery Kiel: beginning of march to end of may; beginning of june to beginning of september; mid of september to mid of november; end of november to end of february. In the week before the containers opening the artist will be able install his/her project. On wednesday there will be a press conference and on friday 7pm is the opening of the Prima Kunst Container together with the opening of the city gallery Kiel. Please submit your project ideas, a short CV and your portfolio.

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