S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Residency Programme Call for Artists

Welcome to the S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Residency Programme Call for Artists! This initiative is dedicated to fostering innovation at the intersection of Science, Technology, and the Arts (S+T+ARTS). In collaboration with our esteemed consortium partners, we are excited to announce this opportunity for artists to contribute their creative perspectives to address the societal and environmental challenges of our time.

S+T+ARTS EC(H)O is a project launched as part of the S+T+ARTS initiative with the objective of promoting ecologically conscious and human-compatible digital technology. Through this initiative, we aim to drive the triple transformation – social, green, and digital – by supporting artists in developing innovative solutions that blend art, science, and technology. 

+ Residencies Programme

The S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Residency Programme offers selected artists the opportunity to participate in a 13-month residency starting from December 2024. During the residency, artists will receive funding, guidance, access to experts, and participation in various events aimed at accelerating the impact of their projects. 

This open call offers 10 residency opportunities hosted in Germany, Austria, and France. Each Residency Host Institution has defined specific challenges in collaboration with the S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Consortium. Artists are invited to submit project proposals that respond to these challenges, addressing various areas of innovation. 

+ Innovation Areas

(1) Data Simulation & Visualisation – utilizing advanced algorithms and technologies to simulate and visually represent complex datasets for improved analysis and decision-making. 

(2) High-Performance Computing – leveraging powerful computing systems to process vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, enabling complex calculations and simulations. 

(3) (Urban) Digital Twins – creating digital replicas of physical environments or systems, such as cities, to monitor, analyse, and optimize their performance in real-time. 

(4) Clean Tech/Circular Economy – developing innovative solutions and practices to minimize waste, reduce environmental impact, and promote the efficient use of resources. 

(5) Artificial Intelligence – harnessing algorithms and machine learning techniques to automate tasks, make predictions, and derive insights from data in various domains. 

(6) Bio and Life Sciences & Medical Technologies – research and technologies in biology, life sciences, and medical fields to understand biological systems, develop medical treatments, and improve human health and well-being. 

+ What do we offer ?

40.000 € funding for artists residencies

  • Up to 40.000 EUR budget for artists residencies to cover the project;
  • Guidance and support by the S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Residency Host Institutions;
  • Access to experts provided by the STARTS EC(H)O Consortium;
  • An incubation programme (M1-M13) to support the residency teams in kickstarting the pilots and nurturing them to accelerate their impact. The program will consist of 8-10 shared training & peer exchange sessions throughout the piloting period, about 24 overall hours of individual mentoring (support by email included) according to artists’ needs, and a STARTS impact accelerator workshop at the end of the residency cycle;
  • An impact assessment (M4-M13) to evaluate the potential impact of the new and innovative ideas, scenarios and prototypes developed. For this, an hour-long interview (online, recorded and transcribed) will be run with the selected artists at the beginning and at the end of their residency to discuss their expectations and expected impacts. These interviews will not be made public and will not be used for dissemination or communication purposes.

Bewerbungsschluss. 30. Juni 2024