AG Exhibition

Even if the concept of exhibition remuneration no longer seems to require quite so much explanation because the discussions about it have become louder at a political level, it is still not a matter of course in professional collaboration that artists are adequately remunerated for exhibitions. Our aim is to explain why exhibition remuneration leads to greater fairness for all those involved, for exhibitors as well as for the operators of exhibition venues, and thus to an improvement in the art business as a whole. This happens:

  1. in the circle of colleagues
  2. in the area of funding: foundations, city, state and federal policy
  3. Exhibition venues, both public and private: museums, galleries, art associations, as well as hotels, law firms, medical practices, restaurants, etc.

The results of our work are published in the campaign “Vergütet Ausstellungen”, a “positive list” of exhibitions in Saxony-Anhalt that are already remunerated. We are currently looking for colleagues who would like to develop this approach further with us.

AG coordination and dates

Responsible for the coordination of the working group: André Kestel and Matthias Behne,

Next meeting of the AG will follow…