Anne Deuter

Sometimes something goes unnoticed.
the message is perhaps too shy, doesn’t knock loud enough.
or it cannot find a dock where it can dock,
is thrown back, misses the target.
when i looked up into the sky last spring,
he opened up purely in front of me. due to the limited
air traffic hardly crossed a contrail
the firmament. I’ve never had the sky like this before
seen. I started painting.
when will the sky ever show itself to us so untouched again?

It’s not about you. no.
it’s about me.
i am a shuffle of clouds
and be born again and again.
up here I shine
like four sunrises on top of each other.
i am an extremely beautiful and blue maneuver.*
* inspired by fredericke mayröcker and ulrike almut sandig

Further information about the artist:

Anne Deuter: A piece of heaven

a slice of heaven, 2020/21,
96 watercolor drawings on paper, slide blind embossing, each 8 x 12 cm

Audio piece to the
Artist book heart, 4 min: listen here!

Audio piece to the
Artist book mustard yellow, 11 min: listen here!