Last chance to apply for KUNST/MITTE

Professional artists and galleries can present themselves and their works at KUNST/MITTE 2024.

KUNST/MITTE has created the YAS – Young Artist Space – for up-and-coming artists, an area financed by the fair with the help of sponsors.

Terms and conditions on our home page.

Artists up to the age of 30 and new galleries/gallery projects whose gallery operations have existed for no longer than 3 years can present themselves at KUNST/MITTE in the YoungArtistSpace and expand their networks.

Period: Thu. 22. to Sun. August 25, 2024, price: 0 € per running meter of wall (approx. 5m/participant), for sales the fair management charges a commission of 15% of the sales price achieved. Marketing fee of 150 € (plus 19% VAT) for all exhibitors. Selling price: maximum € 5,000 per work. Large sculptures are placed on the site for €0 each.

Application deadline: May 31, 2024