Art in public space competition – Eden 2.0

From June 21-23, 2024, the Festival of the Senses will take place for the 10th time in the Großenhain City Park, which traditionally includes an artist workshop. This year’s theme is Eden 2.0. We are looking for up to 6 artistic positions to be realized on site. Professional visual artists are invited to apply for participation. The participating artists will be selected in an anonymous competition. The competition is aimed at professional visual artists. We are looking for up to 6 artistic positions on the theme of Eden 2.0, which will be realized on site. The Garden of Eden is perhaps the best-known Western metaphor for happiness, the epitome of paradise and one of the greatest myths of all time. “No paradise is of this world, it is always beyond it, even if it is embedded in it. “The Garden of Eden serves us as an ideal projection surface for utopias of a cultivated state of unadulterated happiness. It is an unattainable symbolic exclusive place, a mythical land, a poetic memory, a symbol of harmony between man and nature. It is a place of innocence, an expression of longing for nature and a symbol of a search for the original and pure paradisiacal state. The mythical tales of paradise, nature, garden, beauty, trust and allure go hand in hand with the threat of shame, sin, fragility and loss. They are associated with knowledge and the separation of good and evil. Until the Baroque period, paradise was seen as a designed, ordered, enclosed garden – as a moment of manipulated nature. Since the Enlightenment, a wilderness has increasingly taken its place. The untamed primeval forest, where the devastating consequences of human intervention seem to have been overcome. What can this Garden of Eden be for us today? Let’s dare to make assertions. Let’s imagine visions. The garden as an archive or laboratory becomes an ideal place for encounters and exchanges. Implement images of a thematic exploration into the history of the Großenhain city park: a landscaped green space with exotic plants, embedded in a bit of wildness and urban structures. Threatened by the forces of nature, devastated in parts and replanted – images that stimulate our senses, make us think and get us talking to each other. Please send questions by email to:

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Application deadline: April 05, 2024