Michela Benedan

We are delighted to be able to present the kick-off in our new BBKarium! The artist Michela Benedan is showing works made of paperclay, which were created last year as part of a work scholarship funded by the @Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt in cooperation with the Bergesche Monastery Foundation. Benedan describes her approach as follows: “The work is an interplay of chance and control, of absence and error. The firing process plays an important role in the works: the firing fixes and completes the pieces, but also changes them. The material softens and deforms under the heat. This creates unexpected movements, which I provoke in advance. I play with probabilities. This process gives me the opportunity to create a snapshot, because the pieces crystallize in a floating state as they cool down. I am fascinated by this crystallization, this open, uncertain moment. It is a state of in-between. After firing, the softening of the material remains perceptible, despite the solid final state.”

Further information: https://michelabenedan.weebly.com