Online Barcamp of the.lkj Saxony-Anhalt in April

“What does youth-oriented cultural education need in the (post-)digital society?” Together with educational scientist and pedagogue Nele Hirsch from the eBildungslabor. When? April 17, 10:00 – 15:00 half barcamp day, April 23, 19:00 – 21:00 minibarcamp with discussion and follow-up, free event for professionals and interested parties in cultural youth education from Saxony-Anhalt. // Cultural youth education is as diverse as the people in our society. Adolescents and young adults can find ways to express themselves, come to terms with the reality of their own lives and those of others, experience themselves as a valuable part of a group and experience self-efficacy. Cultural education can make socio-political content and democratic practice tangible and offers opportunities for successful participation. At a time when online and offline are connected as a matter of course for teenagers and young adults, we believe it is important to consider how art and culture can actively shape, develop and influence digitalization and the digital transformation of our society. We believe that in order to support young people and young adults in our post-digital society in their personal development, we need hybrid spaces of opportunity, innovative concepts and tried-and-tested methods. Offers that involve young people and their experiences, interests and realities in a low-threshold way and take into account both the potentials and risks of the post-digital society. With our online barcamp, we would like to create a space in which professionals and interested parties in cultural youth education from Saxony-Anhalt can exchange ideas on the question “What does youth-oriented cultural education need in the post-digital society?”. As is usual for a barcamp, the participants design the program themselves on site. Afterwards, the program items, so-called sessions, will take place in parallel.

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Registration deadline: April 12, 2024 at 3 p.m.