Open Call for the Festival of Regions 2025

The Festival of Regions invites artists, cultural initiatives and people with a cultural, social and political commitment to once again not let things take their course. The upcoming Festival of Regions will take place from June 13 to 22, 2025 in the Innviertel region of Upper Austria, with the main focus on Braunau am Inn as the festival location. Under the theme of “Realistic dreams”, we are tackling the omnipresent feeling of uncertainty and looking to the future without hesitation. We are looking for new connections, narratives and utopias. The Festival of Regions has been exploring and performing in one region of Upper Austria every two years since 1993. The focus was often on regions as a counter-model to globalization and internationalization. The relationships between regions and metropolitan areas are more complex today. In over 30 years, the image of the regions has changed, from places of retreat to places of transit with a new coexistence. Some apparent opposites have become ambiguities. These ambiguities form the starting point for artistic and social design at the festival. The aim is always to make a region dance to the tune of its own contradictions. The festival is always looking for new ways to understand regions as laboratories for social change. The Festival of Regions focuses on current and timeless issues. It addresses social issues through art and cultural projects. International artists come into contact with the local population, local cultural associations work with national cultural practitioners. Passers-by become part of the festival. On Friday, April 5, 2024, the Festival of Regions invites you to Braunau am Inn and offers the opportunity to visit the festival venue together with the team, the board of the Festival of Regions and regional representatives.
The meeting point is at 14:00 at the town hall, Stadtplatz 38, 5280 Braunau am Inn. Please register with Ulla Steyrleuthner. An initial kick-off meeting with the selected project submitters is planned for Friday, September 13, 2024. Participation in the networking, planning and organization of the festival projects is mandatory.

Further information:

Application deadline: April 30, 2024