Art in architecture WAL (Wedding Advanced Laboratories), Berlin (18.07.2024)

Construction of a new laboratory building for the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (BHT) on the Mitte campus.

For the new laboratory building WAL (Wedding Advanced Laboratories) of the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, the State of Berlin, represented by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion, is organizing an open two-phase art-in-architecture competition for professional visual artists and artist groups. A budget of up to EUR 300,000.00 incl. VAT is available for the realization of the art. VAT for fees, direction, material and production costs including all ancillary costs.

The competition is an open, two-phase art competition for professional visual artists and artist groups. In the first phase, participants are asked to develop basic artistic solutions in the form of an idea sketch with conceptual considerations for the new construction of the WAL laboratory building.

The jury will select up to 12 concepts for the 2nd phase, in which a detailed elaboration of the design for realization is expected in addition to the basic solution approaches. The jury will be composed of the same members in both phases. The competition will be held anonymously. The competition language is German. The competition documents will only be made available digitally via the competition platform in German.

All documents of the participating artists must also be written and submitted in German. The consultation colloquium of the 2nd phase of the competition will also be held in German.

Art competition
1st phase: Publication of the announcement and issue of the competition documents: 06.03.2024; deadline for written queries: 09.04.2024; response to queries: by 23.04.2024; submission of the outline of ideas: by 18.07.2024; meeting of the jury: probably 24 and 25.09.2024. Art competition

2nd phase: Notification of 2nd phase: 30.09.2024; site visit: 11.10.2024, 11:00 am; colloquium for queries: video conference on 14.10.2024, 11:00 am; deadline for written queries: 31.10.2024; answering queries: 12.11.2024; submission of designs: 14.01.2025; meeting of the jury: probably 11.02.2025; exhibition of 2nd phase designs: February to March 2025

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