How do I negotiate my fee/price?

For visual artists, there are two main sources of funding: Fees and revenue.

A seminar in cooperation with the Career Service of the HfBK Dresden focuses on the fees that can be charged for participation in exhibitions, the realization of artistic works or for courses, workshops, lectures, etc.

A great deal of commitment has been shown in this area in the recent past, including by the Saxony State Association of Visual Arts and the Federal Association of Visual Artists for the Fee Guidelines.

In the seminar, Marcel Noack (visual artist and chairman of the LBK Saxony and the BBK Federal Association) will present these fee guidelines and discuss how to negotiate them. The last part of the seminar deals with the pricing of art objects, primarily by answering questions.

Lieselotte Rojas-Sanoja (gallery owner, Galerie félix) is invited to provide input and practical tips on Thursday, April 25, 3:00 – 5:30 p.m. | Dresden, Güntzstraße 34, Room 227.