Open Call Residency „Cruce, Space for Transformation“ in Spanien (laufend möglich)

This initiative is intended for professionals who need to disconnect from their daily rhythms, those who need a space to create, hold workshops, events or exhibitions, focus on analysis and dissemination of their work; or just make a temporary withdrawal. Surrounded by nature, the rural environment of Blanca allows one to enter the traditions and customs of a town in southern Spain, as well as being in coexistence with an artistic community. We invite all independent creators, entrepreneurs, artists, writers & researchers, cultural agents, audiovisual producers, and people interested in art and nature to check the new possibilities of exchange and collaboration.
Those interested may choose any of the possibilities we offer for a period between 2 weeks and 2 months. The application process is open, selection is made in order of request and reservation is finalised once the necessary part of the financial contribution has been made.

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Bewerbungsschluss: Bewerbungen laufend möglich (Achtung mit Teilnahmegebühr!)